O’Reilly Recycling Scrap Yard

O’Reilly scrap metal yard and recycling facility is fully licensed in compliance with environmental legislation and is one of the largest independent scrap processors of scrap, obtaining material from a wide range of factory customers including large manufacturing plants through to small engineering shops.

From our base at Rosemount Business Park, Blanchardstown, in Dublin we are ideally located to offer a fast and efficient service to our many customers.

All activities undertaken at O’Reilly Recycling Scrap Yard comply fully with strict operating conditions and procedures, particularly in the areas of environmental protection and health and safety. The site, itself, incorporates all the necessary processing equipment and is being constantly upgraded to take account of the waste industry's ongoing developments.

In addition to our superb scrap metal yard and recycling facility, we also provide a high standard of customer service so call us today on Tel. 01 882 9394. or you can also email us on enquiries@scrap-metal.ie and we will get back to you soon.

Recycling Scrap Yard

Scrap Metals:- We buy all types of Steel Scrap as well as Copper ; Brass ; Lead ; Stainless Steel, Batteries, Aluminium, Cables, Motors and any type of machinery new or used.

Sorting:- We sort all incoming scrap into different grades ready for processing for the smelters or foundries.

Processing:- We shear, cut, bale, drum, pack into bags and palletise the various metals ready for Shipping to our customers worldwide.

Shipping:- 90% of all material is containerised and exported to smelters and foundries in Europe and the Far East.




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